Where to Buy

Directly From Us

You can buy our chicken and eggs from us directly 9:00 – noon Saturday mornings at the Wren Thicket Farmers Market in South Fayetteville. It’s primarily a preorder market, so drop Deb and email at wrenthicket@gmail.com to get on the email list and place your order. We do off table sales, but our products are really popular, so most is spoken for before we even get to the market.  Large orders can be delivered to the market and we prefer to do all sales to customers at the market in order to avoid taxes.

Grocery Stores

Ozark Natural Foods – meat & eggs

Black Board Grocery – eggs

Local Restaurants

These restaurants use our chicken exclusively:

Next time you eat out, please pick one of the restaurants that buy from us. Tell the chef you appreciate them using local, pasture raised Across the Creek Farm chicken!