Pastured Pork

Woooo Piiiiiig Soooie! Nowadays, you’ll hear Arkansasans calling the Hogs at football games and on the hard court. Go back a 100 years ago though, and calling the hogs was more of a matter of surviving through the winter. Farmers would mark their hogs and turn them loose in the summer to let the hogs forage in the hollers of the Boston & Ozark Mtns. During late fall, after they’d fattened up on acorns & hickory nuts, the hogs would be collected and penned up with the help of the hog call and a little corn. Breeders would be saved for the next year, and culls would be processed and preserved to get the family through the winter; the cold weather making it easier to preserve the bacon, hams, and sausage.

Across the Creek Farm offers pork by the cut as well as whole and half hogs of heritage descent – mostly Large Blacks & Red Wattles. Our piggies live in the oak and hickory forests and pastures that comprise much of our land. As with all of our meats – no hormones, antibiotics, or GMO’s!

Our bacon is worth the effort to get, as it’s rubbed with maple syrup and cold smoked with hickory. We also offer Arkansas Bacon, a uniquely Arkansas experience whose production is regulated by state law. Smoked hams – whole, steaks, and sandwich sliced, sausages, pork chops, ribs and more round out our hog offerings. Catch up with us at the Wren Thicket Market to pick some up and get more info!