Fact – We’ve got the best eggs around. Our laying flock calls an “Eggmobile” home, spending the daylight hours hunting bugs and tasty grasses and clovers that also call our pastures home. The hens use the safety of the eggmobile to lay their eggs, weather storms, dodge the occasional hawk, and to roost safely at night. Our laying flocks get fed a GMO-free/Omega-3 enriched layer ration that is rounded out with alfalfa meal to boost the egg flavor and nutrition that comes from the hens’ eating their greens.

Northwest Arkansas can’t get enough of our eggs. We can’t keep up with the grocery store demand, let alone the our customers at the farmers’ market – but we always try to bring plenty of extra to market.

After a couple of years on pasture, the hens really slow down their laying. They’re then processed into stewing hens for winter pots of chicken & dumplins that will be so rich and flavorful, even your grandma will ask you for the recipe.