Pastured Broilers

Fresh air, sunshine, and fresh pasture keeps our broilers clean, healthy. Our birds are fed a GMO-free ration designed just for them, and spend their days on pasture in our hoop pens, which are moved up to twice daily to give the birds access to lots of tasty (to a bird) pasture and bugs. The result is the best chicken you’ll ever eat. We sell whole birds, as well as the following cuts: boneless skinless breasts, tenders, thighs, drumsticks, wings, liver, and meaty backs for stock & stew making.

The broilers also play an important role on our farm – they’re our little fertility machines. After the broilers have been moved off of a section of grass, a few weeks after later the result is an extremely lush, thriving patch of pasture that’s healthier than it was before. The land that we raise our poultry on was abused for over a decade, having been hayed over and over without ever putting nutrients back into the soil. We’re not just growing food, we’re using the food to heal the land as it grows.