Across the Creek Farm is owned and operated by Terrell “Spence” & Carla Spencer, and their three children. The Spencer Family started with their first batch of chickens in 2007, when we started off with a small flock of layers and a 34 acre homestead on our steep wooded, hillside slopes in the Boston Mountains near West Fork, AR.

Fast forward 8 years later, and we’re raising over 10,000  broilers on pasture and as well as a good sized flock of laying-hens. Everything on the farm is supplemented with GMO-Free grains. The farm has several secondary enterprises such as our pastured pork, meat goat herd, and commercial sales of GMO-free feed to other farmers, but growing the best tasting chicken in the region at a reasonable price remains our focus.

You can buy directly from us at the Wren Thicket Market on Saturdays 9-noon, or off the shelf at Ozark Natural Foods, or at one of the many fine restaurants that use our chicken. There are other chicken and eggs in the area – some cheaper and some more expensive, but you won’t find any chicken or eggs that are better than a pasture-raised Across the Creek Farm bird.

We believe in what we do, and we are a regional distributors of commercial GMO-free feed in our area. We currently sell to feed to farmers in Benton, Crawford, and Washington Counties, as well as farmers across the border in Oklahoma. Check out the GMO-Free feed for more info!